What is Website Maintenance?

What is Website Maintenance?

Website Maintenance as the word implies, it is maintaining your website to make sure that everything related to it are working properly. Keeping your website running on its optimal level is important as launching it, that’s why you should have a regular Website Maintenance.

Website Maintenance includes :

  1. Regularly updating the website
  2. Running backups
  3. Checking for 404 errors and server redirects
  4. Removing spam comments
  5. Updating the content
  6. Testing page speeds
  7. Checking Contact Forms and other Opt-in Forms

Regularly updating the website

‘Updates’ improves the functionality and security of your website. For all the CMS, it is important to keep them updated because failure to do so may crash the whole site or makes the site vulnerable to hackers.     

Running backups

No more description needed with this one. Updated backup is very important, so when something goes wrong(server issues or hacking), it is easier to recover the website and put it back in running condition.

Checking for 404 errors and server redirects

This ensures the optimal availability of your site by making sure that the all pages are available and redirects are working properly.

Removing spam comments

Spam Comments will just give negative impact on your website’s performance and trustworthiness. Keeping your site clear of spam has a huge part on keeping your site’s credibility and speed.

Updating the content

Updated and useful content is a big help to attract more traffic to your site.

Testing page speeds

Fast website give your users a better overall user experience when visiting your site. On the other hand, slow loading is one of the big factors contributing increase to bounce rate of your website.

Checking Contact Forms and other Opt-in Forms

Making sure that all forms are working including the deliverability of its notifications and any actions triggers by it.