August 23, 2016

Customer Support Ticket System

– Customized one of the popular open-source Customer Support Ticket System(osTicket) and integrate it into the client’s contact form page and email address.

– Integrating the Contact Form page is simple as it is just a usual codings, while for the email integration, it requires knowledge about ‘Email Piping’ and on how to implement it on your server.

How the Customer Support Ticket System works?
– Customer Support Ticket System will collect all the inquiries send by customer(via email or website) to a portal. From that portal, you can categorize each inquiry and assign it to your team member.

– The ‘Priority Level’ and ‘Due Date’ of each inquiry can be set as well but by default the system will tag inquiry as ‘overdue’ based on the declared SLA(set during the configuration period).
Ticket Due Date

– Any updates on a specific ticket, the customer, assigned staff, and the superiors of the assigned staff will be notified by the system via email.

– On the other hand, the customer can log into the system using the ‘Ticket No.’ to check the status of his/her ticket.

– One of the most important features of this system is, when there’s an overdue, it will not stop emailing(with time interval) the assigned staff and the respective superiors reminding them to address the ticket ASAP.